S*** the President Says – 7/29/2019

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the President said during the previous week:

It’d be nice to just be able to believe the President on such a topic, but his first example of Iran’s having lied isn’t actually a lie at all. Iran did actually shoot down an American drone. Secondly, how can an economy do worse than “dead?”

I was with [Indian] Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago, and we talked about this subject, and he actually said, “Would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator.” I said, “Where?” He said, “Kashmir.7/22/2019 at the White House.

Did India’s Prime Minister really ask Trump for help with this? No. Not according to India’s prime minister. Trump said this during a sit-down with India’s archrival: the Pakistani prime minister. India and Pakistan are nuclear powers with a tense, 70-year dispute over Kashmir. So it’s not great that our President just imagined someone wanted his help, and blurted it out to the world.

If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people. Does that make sense to you? I don’t want to kill 10 million people. I have plans on Afghanistan that if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth. It would be gone. It would be over in, literally in 10 days.7/22/2019 at the White House.

An American president “has plans” to wipe Afghanistan off the face of the Earth?! Look, the only reason a statement like this isn’t a huge worldwide scandal is because everyone – everyone – assumes Donald Trump is a crazy old man who doesn’t mean what he says. We’ve been there for 18 years, and Donald Trump still doesn’t see the difference between a country and an ideology.

We’re now in the third week of this particular spat, and apparently we’re going with the “I’m not racist, you’re racist” routine. Cool story, bro. No one believes you.

Huh? If the border is in such better shape than Baltimore, why are we so focused on keeping Mexicans out of places like Baltimore? And why is he yelling at Elijah Cummings (D-MD)? Many theories. It could be that Cummings’ House committee just subpoenaed business emails and texts that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump sent from their personal phones. It could be simply that Trump is a racist. The real answer appears simpler and dumber: Trump watched this segment on Fox News.

You know, a Trump Administration lawyer recently admitted in federal court that border facilities were keeping children without soap, toothbrushes, blankets, or beds. Regarding Baltimore, yes, it is a colossal overstatement to describe Cummings’ entire district as a rat-ingested mess. But he’s not all wrong: there is at least one Baltimore landlord known for sending tenants into homes filled with mice. His name is Jared Kushner.

Last week: “Trump was only saying racist garbage out of patriotic duty against people who spoke poorly of America.” This week: racist garbage while dumping on America. Great luck to anyone trying to defend this all week.Statistically, Donald Trump didn’t name even one major category. Baltimore has problems, sure, but it is wild to see an American President just dumping on an American city, again, right after hurling racist insults at others for allegedly the same offense. Imagine Obama ranting about what a cesspool Ada, Oklahoma is. Everyone’s head would’ve exploded.

There are real, live problems in our country that should be debated and addressed. However, we are pulled aside week after week to discuss some horrible thing our president said about a black person or his/her congressional district. Maybe it isn’t racism, but if not, it’s a great many coincidences all stacking up to make it look that way.

Whoa, wait a minute. What happened to the sentiment from 43 minutes ago?! I thought Democrats were the ones calling everyone a racist! Can you imagine being the President of the United States, having four years to shape the country’s policies in whatever direction you choose, and ignoring all of that to instead focus more heavily on arguing with congressmen on Twitter? We elected an internet troll.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

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