S*** the President Says – 7/1/2019

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the President said during the previous week:

I’ll say it with great respect: number one, she’s not my type. Number two, it never happened.6/24/2019 interview with The Hill.

The President was asked about E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegation. “No” was the second part of his answer. If you’re asked whether you raped somebody and “no” is the second part of your answer, I already don’t believe you. That said, the first part is almost certainly worse. The President says he didn’t rape that woman because, “She’s not my type?” News flash: rape is a horrible crime. “That doesn’t look like someone I’d rape” is not an acceptable thing for anyone in the world to say.

Why is it important for a leader of the good guys to go meet with a dictator? Why is it a great honor for the “good guy?” Seems to me like Kim Jung-Un has gotten a lot of what he wanted – legitimacy in the eyes of the U.S. President – in exchange for nothing at all.

So the President was watching last week’s Democratic primary debates, and they weren’t exciting enough for his liking. It’s another statement in favor of style over substance, which is so unsurprising coming from our President you might even call it “boring.” Threatening nuclear war, holding innocent immigrant children for months without soap or toothbrushes, or banning an entire religion definitely get my heart rate up more than those debates, but, mark me down in favor of boring.

President Trump’s strategy here is basically to take hostages. He wants a medieval wall on the southern border, for which Mexico will not pay and which his own agencies say will not help, and he will hold children in squalid conditions until he gets it. Some of these children have died. In Trump’s mind this is all Democrats’ fault, because they could have just ceded to his demands. This is bonkers, but one entire political party is fine with it.

[W]e had no obstruction, we had no collusion, we had a report that was – you know, considering it had 18 people that hated Donald Trump and you had Mueller that obviously was not a Trump fan, not a Trump person, how these people were picked is, you know, by itself incredible.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

Here we are again talking about the Mueller report, half of which documented obstruction while half of the other half documented collusion. Anyway, have you ever noticed how President Trump makes everything about personalities? Never policy, never facts. “Mueller was not a Trump fan, not a Trump person.” In his mind, if you rule in favor of him then you’re on his side (a “Trump person”) thus what you’re saying is true; but if you rule against him then you are against him and can’t be trusted.

Look, right now we are getting 25 percent on $250 billion worth of goods [from China]; nobody ever heard of such a thing. It’s massive amounts of money. Don’t play – don’t let anyone tell you we’re paying. We’re not paying, China’s paying for it.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

China is not paying for it.

On average this country is losing $500 billion a year with China. We’ve rebuilt China. They’ve done a great job. They’re smart. They’re genius. They’re great but you know what, they’re so far ahead, we have rebuilt China. We’ve given them $500 billion a year for many years and we’ve rebuilt China.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

Chinese laborers get slave wages. That’s their magic secret. That’s the reason it’s cheaper to build anything in China and ship it halfway around the world rather than make it in America. It’s the reason China has over a billion people yet we still have a higher GDP. We are way richer than China, person for person. This isn’t complicated. Do you notice how much President Trump repeats himself, by the way? It’s weird, right?

The tariffs are – there’s no way you’re going to beat the tariffs. There’s no way. There’s no way you can make that kind of money, and what it does is it really helps us in so many other ways. It helps us in ways that nobody even wants to talk about, and I don’t want to talk about them.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

I’m right, because of reasons. I’ll tell you when you’re older. By the way, is that regret on Bartiromo’s face, or did someone fart in the studio? I’ll confess I don’t watch Mornings with Maria very often (or ever), but she seems to me to convey a sense of pleading with the President to stop blurting nonsense in all these photos. Good luck!

The numbers [of NATO member defense spending] were coming down over 15 years so much, I got them like a rocket ship because I said hey folks, either you pay up or, you know, you can forget it.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

It was Obama that got all NATO members in 2014 to commit to spend 2% of their GDP on defense spending by 2024. NATO defense spending then started rising in 2015 – before Trump. Once Trump became President, he threatened not to uphold our NATO obligations if another country were attacked. It’s just one more thing he’s working to dismantle while pretending to save.

Well I hope we don’t [go to war with Iran] but we’re in a very strong position if we – if something should happen, we’re in a very strong position, it wouldn’t last very long I can tell you that. It would not last very long.6/26/2019 interview with Maria Bartiromo.

Oh, good, because we’re still in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria. I’m glad war in Iran would just be a little one that’s over quickly and easily and that wouldn’t require much pre-planning. Whew!

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

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