Moby Dick found in Presque Isle Bay – Something good happened in Erie, 3/6/2020

Fairview’s Nick Lohrer, looking tiny behind some prehistoric lake creature.

Without further ado, your Idiotville feel-good story of the week:

Just look at it. That’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen hauled out of the bay. I know it’s a type of sucker – a “bigmouth buffalo” – and that suckers are gross and not worth eating and blah blah blah. I don’t care. That fish was 40 pounds!

When Nick Lohrer pulled that magnificent beast onto his boat, he had to have felt like some triumphant Captain Ahab. I imagine the waterline all around the bay sank when the girth of that thing was pulled out of it. I can’t believe Lohrer had a line strong enough to hold it.

Apparently, the bigmouth buffalo is native to Lake Erie, which I find extremely hard to believe because look at that thing! Have you ever seen anything like that come out of our waters? I’ve never seen something like that before. It looks like it snacks on walleye. Let’s take another look:

Lohrer – like any good fisherman that wants his catch to grow further in his memory with each passing day – released the mammoth back into the water presumably to terrorize future generations, but not before taking a few photos. The 40-lb. weight was an estimation, but it measured 28 inches – around. A 28” girth! I know some full-grown adults who barely measure 28” around. It was 40” long, too. More than a yard long. Taller than my kids!

So, ice fishing hasn’t been possible this year, which is good because that fat fish never would’ve fit through a hole in the ice. When someone around here catches a giant, ugly, useless fish for us all to talk about, it’s a good reminder of what an incredible resource we happen to live near. Presque Isle Bay is for everyone, and it’s here all year round. And if you get out there before Moby Dick eats himself to death, maybe you can be the next to land him.

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