Brenton Davis lies about everything

It has to be said, because it’s truer than anything he says: Brenton Davis Sucks. Deep down I really think he believes it, too, or else he wouldn’t feel the need to lie about everything. Everything.

Military service. COVID. Our community college. On every major topic in the race for Erie County Executive, Brenton Davis makes no sense. Think I’m exaggerating?

Davis lies repeatedly about his military service

Here’s Davis on what makes him qualified to be Erie County’s next executive:

“[Unless you] put your boots on the sand, you cannot possibly fathom the maturity, the wisdom and the leadership that it takes.”

Brenton Davis to Erie Times-News, 8/3/2021

You guessed it: his boots never hit the sand. Also a week later, to the editorial board:

“[I hope to] give back to the military all the years that I spent learning in combat those hard lessons, learned those lessons in blood.”

Brenton Davis to Erie Times-News, 8/11/2021

You, suffering a paper cut at your Erie Insurance cubicle on 5th & French, have spilled more blood than Brenton Davis ever saw in combat. Davis’ only combat experience was when his ship passed through the Persian Gulf, once, in a support role for a few weeks.

Military service: good.

Lying about military service: bad.

Davis also claimed to have suffered broken ribs and vertebrae as part of his military resume:

When challenged, he admitted the injury had nothing to do with his military service at all.

He also claimed to have spent his 21st birthday fighting the War on Terror:

Pure bullshit. Davis served in Japan.

No, he didn’t. What does Davis have to say for himself after being caught in these lies? Any remorse?

Of course not. He pushed out an ad accusing his opponent of lying. Scene:

  • Brenton Davis: I deserve this job because I learned years of lessons learned in blood from my years of combat in the sandbox.
  • Erie Times-News: Literally none of that is true. Right?
  • Davis: …
  • ETN: ???
  • Davis: No.
  • ETN: Davis lied.
  • Everyone: Davis lied.
  • Tyler Titus: My opponent lied.
  • Davis: Smear campaign! I’m a victim!

/end scene/


Davis said he got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine back in March 2021 “on military duty.” The Erie Times-News asked to see his vaccination card. He didn’t have it.

Why no card?

“I didn’t get a card because, back then, the vaccine cards weren’t really a thing at the end of March.”

Brenton Davis to Erie Times-News.

Bullshit. Everyone knows 10 people with COVID cards from March. Davis was also (surreptitiously) recorded in August saying this about the vaccine:

“I guess I’m more libertarian in a lot of senses. I haven’t gotten it. I’m not getting it.”

Brenton Davis to supporters

Davis said the recording was fake, then added that it was wrong for someone to record him without his knowledge, without seeming to realize the obvious contradiction. Lies don’t get any dumber than that, do they?

They do. Davis eventually produced a vax card showing a Johnson & Johnson dose…from September 1st. What happened to March?

Davis said his September shot — the only one with any documentation — was a booster shot, which he insisted was administered over a month before the FDA approved Johnson & Johnson boosters.

Davis had a bulletproof explanation for this one:

“Yeah, it looks funny but people who are not in the military don’t understand — you just seize opportunities.”

Brenton Davis

Bullshit. The VA even confirmed they would have a record of all veterans’ vaccinations, and would not have given this booster. The whole thing is a lying, incoherent mess.

Erie County Community College

Davis hated the community college with a passion. He created a PAC called “Erie Taxpayers Against the Community College.” He dumped his own money into it. He paid for a law firm to challenge the community college application.

Then he stood on a debate stage and voiced unequivocal support for it one month into its operation:

“I fully support the community college with the hiring of Dr. [Chris] Gray. I believe where he came from and the programs that he’s implemented truly can be transformational.”

Brenton Davis, Sept. 15, 2021 debate

Imagine The Joker asking for your vote based on his love for law and order. How did he explain this one?

“Davis dismissed his past opposition by insisting a ‘true leader never sets their feet in concrete’ but has the ability to move with the ‘changing of the tides and currents.’”

Brenton Davis, Sept. 15, 2021 debate

Bullshit. As he said this, his campaign website still touted his opposition to the college. It still does, and he still vows not to spend a dime of taxpayer dollars to fund the thing he “fully supports.”

The Conclusion

Look, these are abnormally stupid lies. I don’t know how else to say it. They betray a totally disqualifying lack of maturity, not to mention respect for voters’ intelligence. Brenton Davis may be a hard worker, and that’s great — but it’s not enough. There are a thousand hard workers whom you wouldn’t want running the county. This is a job for a person with a functioning brain. Brenton Davis is not that person.

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