S*** the President Says – 11/23/2020

Did our president continue saying clinically insane things last week? Yes. I have to be honest, though. I find it increasingly hard to care. He lost handily, and the world is moving on. Sure, his indifference to or outright advocation of the spread of COVID-19 maintains its devastating effects on all our lives. Sure, his insistence on burning down every last governmental institution on his way out the door – including the idea of democracy itself – will have consequences lasting far beyond his presidency.

That’s all baked in by now. We can’t change it, and I don’t want to spend one more second dwelling on it. Fixing it will take a lot of work. So rather than go point by point breaking down every particular presidential proclamation, let’s just take them all in and laugh. He’ll be gone soon.

Thanks for reading this blog. I genuinely appreciate all of you whom wade in here week after week. Calmer seas are ahead!

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