Idiot of the Week: November 2-7, 2020

It’s time for that classic Idiotville Podcast take: who’s the biggest Idiot in Erie and it’s surrounding areas (the “Erieola” if you will (h/t Ted Brogan)). Our criteria is simple: who has done or said the thing that makes them look like the biggest possible doofus in the eyes of us, the Idiotville Podcast Crew. As always, these rankings are subjective and your mileage may vary.

1. Erie County Republican Chairman, Venereal Salamander, who said “[Mail-in voting] is a lazy way of voting, you don’t have to go to the polls, you don’t have to study the issues.” Yes, because waiting for my ballot to arrive, filling it out, being sure to get it into the security envelope, then getting it into the outer return envelope, signing that envelope, then either getting it into the mail or hand-delivering it to the drop-box at the courthouse was WAY easier than just hopping in my car and driving half a mile to my normal polling place and standing in line.

2. Local Trump Sycophant and boil on the ass of Pennsylvania, Trish Catalano. Her constant posts on Facebook, her constant harassment of local Democratic candidates, and her complete and utter lack of what could charitably be considered intelligence or understanding of the process has cemented her place as the face of local bottom feeding cretins. Congrats, Trish!

3. Anyone who donated to this fucking guy:

Seriously, didn’t you people learn your lesson with the privately funded border wall stuff?

Until next time, Idiots.

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