Erie Ale Works delivers!

Jeff McCullor (L) and Steve Anthony now deliver delicious beer right to your mouth. | Photo via Greg Wohlford, Erie Times-News.

Without further ado, yourIdiotville feel-good story of the week:

If you’ve ever listened to Idiotville Podcast (or set foot in Erie, PA generally), you know we love our beer. We’re spoiled in that our town has many great breweries, but Erie Ale Works just upped the ante. Beer delivery!

Thanks to the Erie Times-News’ great Jennie Geisler for picking this up from the Erie Ale Works newsletter. Here are a few ground rules here before you pick up the phone: (1) they’ll only deliver to within a 10-mile radius of their 416 W. 12th Street address, so anyone in Meadville jonesing for a Major McNair, sorry, no dice. (2) There is a minimum order of $25, not including a flat $10 delivery fee. Don’t call them for a single beer. (3) You’ll need to order on a Thursday or a Saturday, which is fine because you aren’t getting hammered enough to order beer delivery on a Tuesday, anyway, are you? Are you? (4) Must be 21 to order. I mean, this is America. Kids stick to apple juice.

This emerging trend of local businesses delivering beer is my favorite thing to happen in Erie since the advent of the pepperoni ball, and I don’t have a lot more to say about it. Every time some local business adds beer delivery to their resume, count on us cheering it on.

Starting a business is hard enough when times are good. Right now, times are not good. If you’re inclined to help a local business get through the toughest business environment in a lifetime, head over to the Erie Ale Works website and order you some beer.

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