S*** the President Says – 9/14/2020

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the president said during the previous week:

It isn’t. The day our president sent this tweet, by the way, he flew down to campaign in North Carolina – a state that has voted for the Republican in nine of the past 10 presidential elections, by an average of more than seven points. It was our president’s third campaign event in NC in the past two weeks.


Biden’s polling fine (those seven points match the NC break-even point!), but had been laying low due to some virus going around. You may have heard of it.

The Eurozone GDP shrunk by a record 12.1% last quarter. At least toward the beginning of the pandemic in the U.S., red states and blue states shut down at about the same pace. Here again, our president completely cuts the coronavirus out of whatever story he tells, hoping voters will be convinced Democratic governors continue to torpedo their own state’s economies just to spite the president. Quite a theory.

Speaking of destroying the place, nearly 200,000 Americans have now died of COVID-19 – more than any other country in the world – but again our president doesn’t mention the virus still killing 1,000 Americans every day. Maybe he’s not ignoring it. Maybe he just doesn’t know how deadly it is or something?

[Coronavirus] goes through the air. That’s always tougher than the touch. You don’t have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.

Interview with Bob Woodward, released 9/9/2020.

Oh, that’s right. The president was interviewed by veteran journalist Bob Woodward 18 times this year, and Woodward tapes all the conversations. Here’s one where Trump admits he knows the coronavirus is deadlier than he said publicly. He was hiding the truth. Why?

I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

Interview with Bob Woodward, released 9/9/2020.

What. Listen, “playing it down” is good in some situations. If you yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre, you run the risk of people being trampled forcing their way out. However – and this is crucial – sometimes there is a fire in the theatre. When there is, arguing that the fire is fake, the fire isn’t so bad, and we should keep the theatre open to customers in spite of the fire is insane. Why would he lie like this while we all sit around and get burned?

The fact is, I’m a cheerleader for this country.

9/9/2020 at the White House.

Now he’s a cheerleader? For four years now I’ve heard he was the tough-talking head coach who came in, busted some heads, and told the tough truths necessary to get results? Of course that was never true, but that was at least the line. Now the line is different: he’s the cheerleader, powerlessly hoping from the sidelines that all goes to plan. There is no head coach.

I love our country and I don’t want to create panic, as you say. Certainly, I’m not going to drive this country or the world into a frenzy.

9/9/2020 at the White House.

No, certainly not. Not Donald Trump. He wouldn’t drive us into a frenzy.

Nobody panic or anything, but we now interrupt this kinder, gentler Donald Trump to let you know the Democrats are unleashing an anarchist mob to come into your neighborhood and destroy your family!

We want to show confidence.

9/9/2020 at the White House.

Confidence. That’s the whole, entire thing. Make us feel confident he’s a billionaire (without showing the tax returns). Make us feel confident he’s created the world’s best economy (though the numbers were never there). Piss on our leg and convince us it’s raining. Yelling to “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” even when he knew the virus was worse than he’d have us believe. Getting us to believe the virus isn’t so bad is exactly what’s made us so susceptible to its spread. There’s a name for a person who tries to get you to believe something harmful so that he may benefit: a Confidence Man. More commonly known as a con man.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic, and make sure to register and vote.

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