Erie Gives Day – Something good happened in Erie, 8/7/2020

I’m going to cheat just a bit this week, because our good news is something that doesn’t happen until next Tuesday: Erie Gives Day 2020 is August 11, from 8:00am-8:00pm. I’m cheating because Erie Gives Day is one of the very best things about this place, and I’m hopeful that someone reading this might be inspired to chip in.

I realize this is not the ideal time for a telethon, or internet-a-thon, or any kind of thon. The U.S. GDP is fresh off its worst quarterly report in recorded history, bars and restaurants and other businesses remain closed or, at best, open in a reduced capacity, and many local businesses may never open their doors again.

To make things just a bit worse, the $600 per week federal unemployment benefit expired July 31, so all signs point to 2020 being a tough year for Erie Gives Day. That’s exactly what makes it so important.

With a smoldering crater in the place where our small businesses used to be, non-profits are not currently at the forefront of many people’s minds. That’s a shame, because with a public health emergency already on top of us and still growing, and a nasty recession a seeming inevitability as an after-effect, these services are typically hit the hardest.

So, the stage is set: never has our generosity been more needed, and never will it be more appreciated. Did I mention there is a match? The Erie Community Foundation and Erie Gives sponsors will each donate to match a portion of each gift, so your $25 will put more than that into the hands of whatever local non-profit you choose.

Please give if you are able. Give until it hurts. In my admittedly narrow experience, all you give tends to find its way back to you, anyway. Even if it doesn’t, I have yet to hear of a single person looking back on his/her life regretting that they’d been too generous.

Erie Gives began in 2011 with what seemed like an impressive 2,770 donors giving a total of $774,444. Last year saw an astounding 8,958 donors total $5,569,161. Every year since it’s inception, both the number of donors and the total amount donated on Erie Gives Day have risen. Don’t let this be the year we break the streak.

Be something good that happens in Erie on Tuesday. To find out how to give, check out Erie Gives’ website here.

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