Bryson Galloway, 12, earns $3,800 for charity – Something good happened in Erie, 7/3/2020

Bryson Galloway, 12, ran a 5k six days per week from June 1 to June 16 to raise money for Grady’s Decision. | Photo by Heather Cass.

Without further ado, your Idiotville feel-good story of the week:

Bryson Galloway is all of 12 years old, and he just ran more in 16 days than I have in my entire 35 years. He ran a 5k – about 3.2 miles – six days per week from June 1 to June 16. That’s like a Forrest Gump dedication to running.

I think I can remember every 5k I’ve run in my life. Every one I’ve run has taken place on a weekend, and my legs typically feel normal again on about Thursday. One thing I’ve never done and will likely never do is run a 5k multiple days in a row. I’m willing to guess most of you reading this are in my camp.

Bryson Galloway, though, is a totally different kind of kid. He wakes up and runs over three miles, and if he doesn’t like his time – he runs again. He runs again. Same day as the first run.

Unlike Forrest Gump, Galloway isn’t doing this because he woke up one day and “just felt like running.” He is running to raise money for charity. For his own birthday. Make sure to tell that to the next person you hear complaining about the kids of today.

Forrest Gump, the only person I know who runs more than 12-year old Bryson Galloway.

Here’s the story, which is told very well by freelance writer Heather Cass in the article linked above. Coronavirus caused Bryson to miss the end of his wrestling season, then all of baseball season, and when his birthday approached he knew he wouldn’t be having much of a birthday party.

For most 12 year olds, that list of bummers would be enough to make you think the world owes you something. For Bryson, it made him think of how fortunate he is compared to some others who might not have so much to miss out on in the first place. With so much taken from him, he decided to give. From the article:

“I wanted to do something selfless while the world was in crisis and I thought by turning my running into something positive I could make someone else happy.”

Bryson Galloway, 12.

Galloway’s dad set up a Facebook page for his son’s goal, and they began taking donations. By the time it was over, they had raised over $3,800 for Grady’s Decision – a terrific charity that helps parents dealing with either premature births or other extensive medical needs for their newborns meet their financial needs. Grady’s Decision had helped the Galloways when Bryson’s younger brother, Dylan, was born prematurely six years ago.

It’s cathartic sometimes to complain about how 2020 has brought one curse after another, and I’m not above that, myself. Halfway into this year, it already feels like its own decade. Bryson Galloway brings a refreshing reminder to me and hopefully to you, though, that changing something for the better is within each of our grasps every day.

When you wake up each morning, you can decide to help someone, to improve your little corner of the world by however much. After that, if you aren’t satisfied with the impact you’ve made, you can decide to be like Bryson and get out there to give it another run.

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