S*** the President Says – 6/22/2020

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the president said during the previous week:

The idea here seems to be that if you don’t look for this deadly disease, you won’t find it – and that would be at least partly great. We’ve now lost 120,000 Americans and counting, and would stand to lose many multiples of that without testing, but at least no one would know all those bodies were due to our president’s failure to act!

When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people! You’re going to find more cases! So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’

6/20/2020 Trump rally in Tulsa, OK.

There it is. Look, I don’t know who needs more evidence at this point that the president elevates his own, personal interests above those of the country he ostensibly serves, but to even joke about ordering coronavirus testing to slow down is sick. Does he know that testing can’t reveal cases unless those cases actually exist? What is he talking about?

As you’ve probably heard…we’re getting close to or we’re over one million people wanting to go [to the Tulsa, OK, Trump rally]. We have a 22,000 seat arena but I think we’re going to also take the convention hall next door and that’s going to hold 40,000. So we’ll have 22,000 plus 40,000, which would mean we’ll have over 900,000 people that won’t be able to go….

6/15/2020 at the White House.

A million people? Yeah, not quite. Let’s try 6,200 people on for size. It’s a size small.

Again, the president who’s never hit 50% approval for a single day of his presidency now can’t fill the majority of a 19,000-seat stadium after a three month hiatus. Capital letters and zoomed-in crowd shots won’t change it. Here’s a shot of the whole crowd, for comparison:

“Any” protesters? Add this to the growing file of times our president seemed to fantasize about political violence in America. He’s not even hiding it anymore. Luckily, no one showed up to Trump’s rally, anyway.

Our people are not nearly as violent. But if they ever were it would be a terrible, terrible day for the other side.

6/22/2020 Trump rally in Tulsa, OK.

It borders on a lust for political violence. There is no need to dream up this hypothetical, otherwise.

It’s got to have a three on the front of it! Don’t you understand, you dumb son of a bitch?

6/20/2020 Trump rally in Tulsa, OK.

This came at the end of a very long story about negotiating something. It wasn’t clear what was being negotiated, but the point of Trump’s story was that Donald Trump is smart and saves the U.S. a lot of money and everyone else is dumb. Which does make you wonder why the deficit has risen every year since his inauguration, doesn’t it?

Do you see the “Manipulated media” tag at the bottom of this? President Trump was caught once again spreading fake news. If he can’t tell the difference between an actual CNN video and this, how in the world can he do the work of the presidency?

And [doctors] have come up with things, and they’ve come up with many other cures and therapeutics over the years. These are the people – the best, the smartest, most brilliant anywhere. And they’ve come up with, uh…the AIDS vaccine.

6/16/2020 at the White House.

Nope, they haven’t. There is no AIDS vaccine.

Left unsaid: this wasn’t just any statue. It was a statue of a crappy confederate general who waged war on the United States to preserve the institution of slavery. It is the confederacy that our president is defending here. I, for one, am relieved to see these statues come down. Statues are for heroes.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

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