Feeding the kids – Something good happened in Erie, 4/3/2020

Jessuca Flagella, volunteering to drive school lunches to those in need. | Photo via Erie News Now.

Without further ado, your Idiotville feel-good story of the week:


Let’s go ahead and make this week’s a short story, because chances are you’ve got enough on your plate already. This week, as kids try to learn from home from parents who are also trying to work from home, life is chaotic and hard.

Schools made lunch available to kids. Not all parents are able to get to the school to pick up those lunches. Some parents – Jessuca Flugella and Debbie Major – realized this and thought they could help. They began delivering a bunch of lunches to kids in need. There is nothing better, in my humble opinion, than someone simply looking around at their community and filling a need. Something good happened. That’s all. Good luck to you all, and if you can, find a way to be like Jessuca and Debbie.

3 thoughts on “Feeding the kids – Something good happened in Erie, 4/3/2020

    1. Good question! If you know Jessuca or Debbie from the article I would recommend contacting them, otherwise you can email me and we can try to figure something else out.


  1. Actually instead of email, go ahead and message us on our Facebook page: “Idiotville: Erie, PA’s Favorite Podcast”


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