S*** the President Says – 2/24/2020

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the president said during the previous week:

No one in America capable of reading this chart could possibly believe in the “Trump boom” story:

Thanks, Obama. As for job creation, did you know that the last three years under Obama each saw more jobs created than any of Trump’s three years in office? They did. Donald Trump’s great economic idea was to cut about $1.5 trillion dollars in taxes to create 1.5 million fewer jobs than the pace he inherited from Obama. Trump took out a loan in all of our names, and failed. He inherited something good, and while he hasn’t ruined it yet, I don’t like his track record.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address Trump’s other great economic idea: that he should renegotiate all our trade deals because everyone who came before him was an idiot. So far, this isn’t working either. Last year, 40% of all American farm income came from direct government aid and insurance. Farm bankruptcies were up 20% from just the year before – to a peak unseen since eight years ago when we were still climbing out of the aforementioned Great Recession. This is a disastrous, direct result of the trade war initiated voluntarily by our president. No amount of all-capital-letters tweeting will solve it.

Ah, those 2016 debates. Trump did not win them. This also seems like quite a strange thing to fixate on, nearly four years later. I suppose when you’re Donald Trump watching Fox News all day, you expect to hear praise and nothing but praise.

I tell you, Fox [News] doesn’t treat us the way they used to. But we have the great show on [Sean] Hannity, we do. Now we have Laura [Ingraham] and Tucker [Carlson], and we have in the morning a Fox and Friends, Steve [Doocy] and Angel [Ainsley Earhardt]. And Brian [Kilmeade]’s gotten much better, he’s moving up.” 2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

I don’t want to think President Trump sits around and watches Fox News all day long, but how am I not supposed to think that, given quotes like these?

Now, we have the great Lou Dobbs. Lou Dobbs says, ‘He’s the greatest president ever.’ The great Lou Dobbs, he says – Lou Dobbs, a year and a half, two years ago, he said, ‘He’s the greatest since Reagan.’ Then he said, about six months ago, ‘He’s better than Reagan.’ And then he said, a few nights ago, ‘He’s the greatest we’ve ever had.’ I said, I said, ‘Does that include Lincoln and George Washington?’ He said, ‘That includes them all.’ That’s Lou Dobbs.” 2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

Does President Trump not trust that a rally full of MAGA hat-wearing supporters already watches Fox News? He has to tell them the whole history of what Lou Dobbs thinks?

Then you’ve got [inaudible], and you’ve got Jesse Watters. How about Jesse? And Judge Jeanine and even Greg Gutfeld. You know Greg?” 2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

Donald Trump talks about the Fox News lineup the way Idiotville’s own Brent Liberty talks about the Steelers: with loving admiration and complete knowledge bordering on zealotry.

No, but they had this woman on – Neil Cavuto doesn’t treat us good, Neil Cavuto. He’s not too good. She said, ‘I don’t like [Trump]. Nobody likes him….’ Neil’s actually a nice guy, but you know, he doesn’t like Trump too much.2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

We have a stadium full of people, and we’re dwelling on grievance because someone came on Fox News one day and said a thing he didn’t like. That’s what we’re doing.

And [Neil Cavuto] put on this woman today, and she said, ‘Donald Trump, didn’t do well in the debates and he won….’ And I said, ‘Wait a minute. I won every debate.’ It’s true…Not only won them, but won them by a lot, I won every debate. 2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

The 2016 election was well over 1,000 days ago.

So this horrible journalist, she’s a real – you know, she’s a Trump hater. She gets – you know, she’s worth zero ratings. Nobody watches her, but she said, she was trying…But this woman who’s a third rate, fourth rate, she’s been with everybody. Every year, she’s been with a different group…It actually plays to their advantage, but she’s third rate and she’s on the lowest-rated show on Fox, Neil Cavuto…and I’ve got this woman. You know who it is, right? And you know, you know, nobody knows it, but everybody knows. Neil Cavuto, she has no credibility and neither do you now Neil Cavuto.2/20/2020 Trump rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

You think this quote is long? This is the distilled version. Trump talked on a stage for nearly 20 minutes about one negative segment on Fox News. I read a lot of these transcripts and I have to say – this was weird by weird standards.

This was at noon the following day. Finally, you guessed it: Cavuto’s ratings are up – bigly. Not down. I have no idea how someone can be a “fake guest,” either. Maybe the random nickname generator had a glitch. There’s obviously a glitch somewhere.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

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