S*** the President Says – 2/17/2020

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the president said during the previous week:

We begin this week with Donald Trump (white) and Laura Ingraham (white) agreeing on what’s great for black people, despite a recent poll showing eight in 10 blacks think Trump is a racist and nine in 10 disapprove of his performance.

Sounds like fellow former favorites such as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, national security adviser Michael Flynn, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, national security adviser John Bolton, secretary of defense Jim Mattis, Omarosa – and dozens of others – need to welcome John Kelly (DHS Secretary and chief of staff) to the long list of folks Trump hired into his White House but now thinks were incompetent all along!

Oh, just the President of the United States intervening in his friend’s criminal case. It’s fine. Stone, by the way, threatened to kill a witness during his trial and posted a photo of the judge beside crosshairs. Stone’s prosecutors followed the sentencing guidelines in this case, only to have political appointees publicly overrule them to go easy on Trump’s friend, leading all the prosecutors to resign. In the Trump era, an event like this is known as Wednesday.

The jury foreperson in the Roger Stone case had previously run for Congress as a Democrat, it is true. It’s also true that Roger Stone’s defense team knew this at the time and was fine with it. If we’re ever going to accept a president intervening in his friend’s criminal case, which we shouldn’t, he might as well get some facts right.

Just a garden variety lie here. The IG report did not recommend Andrew McCabe should be fired. Let’s move on.

Well, it did fall over, though. The reason for it falling over doesn’t negate its having fallen over. It fell over. Plus, there are holes in the wall.

Not a king, and the senate didn’t actually try to kill him. This doesn’t actually sound anything like President Trump’s situation at all.

Right before this tweet, our president revoked New York’s status in the “trusted traveler” program, resulting in longer lines at the airport and northern border, for no apparent reason. Then, the tweet. Trump took this official action as leverage to stop lawful investigations into his businesses. Quid pro quo.

Mike Bloomberg is 5’8”.

Donald Trump has thrown this 95% number around quite a bit; it’s never been true. His overall approval likewise is nowhere near 53%. It’s hovering steadily at 43%, meaning you actually could add that nine points (?) and it still wouldn’t be 53%.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

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