S*** the President Says – 5/6/2019

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, some s*** the President said during the previous week:

Question: if the ever-mysterious “they” really have “stollen” the past two years from Donald Trump (us), who do we thank for the alleged most successful years ever? Obama? The Deep State? Vlad? And for such an historical success, why can’t Donald Trump spell the easy words?

Yes, if there’s one thing we all know about firefighters, it’s that their union leadership sucks money unwillingly from their pockets to spend it on frivolous things like supporting politicians who agree with their right to exist. The International Association of Fire Fighters endorsed Joe Biden, and Trump complained on Twitter. One thing he didn’t do? He didn’t change his policies to be more union-friendly.

I don’t feel qualified to speak for the “radical left wing media,” but I’ll go out on a limb and guess he’s never getting this apology. What exactly did the media get wrong, anyway? The Mueller Report documents a mountain of evidence of collusion, most of which was already reported by the same media companies President Trump now wants shot out of a cannon toward the moon. Even on the infamous “pee tape,” the Mueller Report reveals that a Russian guy texted Michael Cohen in Oct. 2016 warning about the “flow of tapes from Russia.” This was about the pee tape, and Cohen – a Trump Org. executive for 12 years – thought it was plausible enough to discuss directly with Trump.

Well we discussed it and [Vladimir Putin] actually, uh, sort of smiled when he said, uh, something to the effect that it started off as a mountain, and it ended up being a mouse. But he knew that, because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever.5/3/2019 at the White House.

This was a phone call. Have you ever seen someone smile through the phone? Anyway, the Mueller Report was not a “mouse” for Russia. Thirteen Russian military intelligence members cannot step foot on American soil ever again lest they be prosecuted for felonies. Russia was nailed for bold and persistent crimes against our 2016 elections. They got caught. The U.S. President is supposed to address this, instead of agreeing with the guy he didn’t collude with about how they didn’t collude.

In case you thought the President just forgot to mention Russia’s election interference on the phone, here he is making the case in writing to absolve Russia of their sins. The reason we don’t have a “good/great” relationship with Russia is because they insist on committing crimes against everyone. In response, we’ve issued sanctions. Our relationship with them depends on their behavior.

Weird that he is monitoring Twitter but not election interference. Does the first amendment guarantee freedom of speech on Twitter, anyway? No. It doesn’t. Twitter could ban someone for excessive use of caps lock if they wanted (hint, hint). The first amendment guarantees you won’t be prosecuted for speech, but even then there are exceptions for things like hate speech or inciting violence. Which, come to think of it, is probably what the President is railing against.

Ah ha! Here is the conservative outrage du jour and, fair warning, this one is dumber than most. James Woods tweeted in reference to Donald Trump, “If you try to kill the King, you best not miss” but then added “#HangThemAll,” apparently in reference to the FBI and other investigators. So, Woods was banned for suggesting federal investigators should be killed. This is what President Trump is calling a “responsible” voice before adding some conspiracy theory involving news media and Democrats, and hinting at retribution. Many other conservatives are claiming Woods was banned for quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson, ignoring the “kill them all” part. Anything to play the victim, I guess.

You are with him? The communist dictator from North Korea? The one still shooting missiles after he promised to stop? That’s not a guy I would want to be with, but ok. You do you, Mr. President.

[Vladimir Putin] is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela. And I feel the same way.5/3/2019 at the White House.

This would be like Trump tweeting he’ll never again go to Mar-a-Lago, from Mar-a-Lago. Russia sold $11.4 billion selling military equipment to Venezuela, and just since their disputed election Russia sent two military planes into Venezuela with roughly 100 troops. Trump’s own Secretary of State just claimed Venezuela’s dictator was about to flee the country until Russia convinced him to stay. Trump chose to take the word of Putin over his own government. Again.

Kentuky! You know all those people who like President Trump because he’s “not a politician?” Here he is connecting a horse race to politics. I have no idea whether the right horse won the “Kentuky” Derby, but officials doing their best to apply the rules don’t need wrapped into politics.

That’s our report for this week. Be sure to check out the links for more info on any particular topic and, as always, thanks for reading.

27 thoughts on “S*** the President Says – 5/6/2019

    1. Do you have any particular gripe with the blog? Or just swooping in for some quick name-calling. “IDIOTS” should have an apostrophe, by the way, to indicate possession.


      1. LOL. You don’t like that my opinon of your opinon is not complimentary, oh well. I wouldn’t call it name calling when it is the title, just a statement of facts.


      2. Well, if you do think of something particular that you didn’t like, I’m all ears. We Idiots are always looking for constructive criticism! It makes us better. Thanks for checking out the blog.


      3. Just checked out your blog in return. Looks like your perspective is quite different than mine! I’ll continue reading in the hopes to find some common ground. Have a great day.


      4. I see what your trying. It is without doubt that the two will never cross. You should learn to accecpt the differance. I don’t think anything I could say would bring you to my side and I know there is nothing you could say that will bring me to your’s.
        I have family who think like you and we don’t talk anymore because when we used to argue their side lacked any common sense or rational thought. So if that could not change things you certainly wont.
        It’s not bad to have clearly held differances. You know for your vision of the world to dominate you will need to make me and my kind extinc.


      5. What I despise, sir, is not you at all, but the lack of compromise and reconciliation in our political discourse. My outreach to you is genuine. I’d like to know more about your views, if you are willing. My bet is that we are not as different as we seem. So, what is your #1 favorite thing about President Trump? I assure you, I’m listening.


      6. Ok I’ll play, for a little while anyway. 1) he’s not a politician 2) he gives as good as he gets and even better sometimes 3) he recognizes that Democrats are not only dirty players but are evil in the truest form 4) he is a fighter and hates to loose. 5) him and I are on the same page “almost” always.


      7. I think I’m seeing two themes here, and correct me if I‘m wrong: (1) you agree with his political policies, but more importantly (2) you view the greater US political system as broken (with Dems to blame) and in need of a non-traditional leader to “fix it,” i.e. punish Democrats in some way. Am I close?


      8. Your projection is working fine. 1) true 2) half right. And the “fix it” totally wrong.


      9. Glad to be wrong on the fix! What exactly do you see Trump doing to fix our political system? Steve Castle and I agree that his inflammatory language does more to divide than to heal.


      10. I disagree with you both on that. One thing we may agree on is if you call someone a no good lying SOB straight up or contify it in more pleasant words the end outcome is the same.
        The fix will probably not happen in the sense that most think of. But what has already started to happen is the dismantling of the bureaucracy. If you look at the bill of rights as GOD given and Government protected you will gain the needed perspective.
        The true enemy is the embedded lifetime government employees who’s only motivation is to protect their jobs.


      11. Just so you know, those “embedded lifetime government employees” are civil service employees, which was a program instituted by U.S. Grant in 1871. It replaced the “spoils” system that allowed President’s to fill the federal government which had become politicized and unworkable. I think that’s what we’re just now calling the “Deep State.”


      12. The biggest mistake was allowing the Union into the picture. It didn’t take too long for them to realize that the party that promised them the most money and benefits was the one to vote for. Thus the incestuous relationship began. I call it a circle jerk. They get extremely generious pay and benefits and the Dems get their vote and money and give them the extremely generious pay and benefits. The deep state is a whole another ball of wax. It involves the civil service people yes but more so the intelligence services. Because of the position they posess they can make stuff up and create the evidence to support it. Sometimes it is done with competence not like Comey’s follies.

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Did anyone plant evidence to frame President Trump? If so, I am not aware of it. Much has been made of the Steele dossier, but that was only 1 piece of the counterintelligence puzzle. Even the Nunes memo confirmed the investigation into Trump campaign began with Papadopolous’ comments to Australian ambassador in London.


      14. Don’t know and really don’t care. The whole mess didn’t pass the smell test in the begining. What will be interesting is to see what Barr comes up with. The Dems are doing their level best to destroy his reputation. My question is why. We will see.


      15. You seemed to care just a minute ago when you suggested Comey’s FBI planted evidence, right? Wouldn’t there need to be some evidence as a basis for Barr to open an investigation of the investigators? Where is that evidence?


      16. As far as I’m concerned Comey’s follies as I like to say, were his ego needing some petting. His whole family hated Trump and I believe he did also, desite his statement to the contrary. The Steele report is just the Dems opposition research weaponized by Comey and his sickafants. Mueller said no collusion and nothing Trump did obstructed justice for one reason” there was no crime” to obstruct. Case closed.


      17. 1. Mueller did not say “no collusion.” He said evidence of conspiracy (of which there was plenty) couldn’t result in criminal charges due in large part to various people lying and obstructing. 2. Obstruction gets charged with no underlying crime ALL THE TIME, including by AG Barr just yesterday.


      18. FYI: Trump-appointed FBI Director Wray stated just this morning he is unaware of any evidence of improper surveillance into any political campaigns in 2016.


      19. The second you run for office you are a politician. His civil discourse is appalling and he has introduced a vitriol into politics that is unhealthy to say the least. I would ask you what is he going to do if we actually have an emergency that requires compromise and support from Democrats? He has done little to unify the country and continues to only speak directly to his base.


      20. Now your projection is perfect. You just described Obama to a tee.
        As for the question, the Dems are delusional at best and no matter what President Trump does it is bad and evil in their eyes. So if that were to happen I guess we just hope for the best.
        Ps: I love his “civil” discourse.


  1. Well, if you do think of something particular that you didn’t like, I’m all ears. We Idiots are always looking for constructive criticism! It makes us better. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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