Tim Palkovic is in the Hall of Fame – Something good happened in Erie, 2/14/2019

Tim Palkovic | Image via Greg Wohlford, Erie Times-News

Without further ado, your Idiotville feel-good story of the week:


Tim Palkovic has been driving for Curtze Food Service for 41 years, logged approximately 2,200,000 miles on the road, and has never been in an accident or even gotten a ticket. That’s crazy enough for an occasional driver, like those of us driving to and from desk jobs. This guy drives all the time!

Given that Curtze is located in Erie, it also means he’s been crossing paths with Idiots for decades. I don’t mean to throw mud, but I’ve observed enough of Idiotville drivers to know Tim is very much an outlier here. It’s a miracle that he’s never run over a mattress that fell off the car in front of him, to say nothing of the ice sheets we see every winter.

While Palkovic just showed up every day and did his job, probably never expecting any grand honor, an honor came anyway. Tim’s incredible record earned him a spot in the inaugural International Food Distributors Association Hall of Fame.

There are 109,000 drivers in the association, but only 26 made the Hall of Fame. Of those 26, Palkovic had the longest unblemished driving record. In the whole country!

As to what makes him such a good driver, Palkovic credits his lack of driving too fast, and his constant attention to the task at hand. Pretty good ideas, right?

This is free advice from the best truck driver in the country: slow down and get off your phone! Congratulations to Tim Palkovic for a job well done, and here’s to hoping that driving record remains unblemished as long as you’re on the road.

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