S*** the President Says – 11/26/2018

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, s*** the President said the during previous week (or way before last week, if it fits with this week’s story):

Usually, this installment collects ten examples of S*** the President Says I’m a given week, which is easy because he talks a lot and is incoherent.

This week, though, we decided to forgo the normal format in favor of delivering one message: it appears the President of the United States may have used his personal finances to justify absolving a foreign leader’s murder of an American resident. It appears this way because the president freely admits this is the way he thinks about people that pay him, and admitted Saudi Arabians paid him a lot of money. There are numerous reports of the Saudi ruling family continuing to pay him by exorbitantly patronizing his businesses during his presidency, to what extent we cannot tell because he reneged on his promise to open his books to public scrutiny. His tax returns, likewise, were promised but never released. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate since Richard Nixon not to release his tax returns.

This cannot stand. This is not upholding the duties of the highest office. President Trump’s decisions and finances need investigated not as a personal vendetta for the s*** he says, but rather because the s*** he says align perfectly with his actions – the actions of a likely criminal.

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