Something good happened in Erie – 11/7/2018

Without further ado, your Idiotville feel-good story of the week:

The Erie County Board of Elections reports 52.23% voter participation in Tuesday’s elections, the highest turnout in a generation. This is unambiguously good news.

We here at Idiotville are firm believers that civic engagement is the cure for much of what ails us. Through the ugliness of 2016, led by two historically unpopular presidential candidates and an ocean of disinformation on social media, cynicism rose. Few seemed to believe our problems could be solved through normal politics.

Two short years later, our rusty corner of the country was back at work doing the grunt work of democracy – working the phones, knocking on doors, blasting out obnoxious texts reminding is to participate – and it worked!

Erie can be proud for engaging in the most American of activities at a level we haven’t achieved in a long time. But we can’t get complacent. Let’s keep it up!

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