Idiotville Podcast

Attention, idiots! You’ve found the most enjoyable, liberal-leaning, Eriecentric podcast of all-time.

Listen as the Erie super friends cover some fun-filled topics (in no particular order):

  • Observations on the peculiar nature of our city’s beloved people;
  • The many good, legitimate reasons people identify with the Republican Party, and how elected Republicans keep flushing each of them down the crapper;
  • Why conservatives are so proud to identify as “conservative” while liberals tend to think of themselves as “center-left”, and how that affects our politics;
  • Is Erie a great place to live? An ok place to be tolerated? Or a place to stubbornly cling to while openly hating and (without a hint of irony!) resisting all possible change;
  • Why “It’s ok to love Erie” is a bad slogan probably coined by someone who does not love Erie;
  • How Republicans seem to be a party that can campaign but not govern, and Democrats one that can govern but not campaign;
  • Random football facts/memories thrown seamlessly into unrelated conversation;
  • Whose fault is Donald Trump, anyway? And why is he like that?
  • With Erie’s rich history of immigration and accepting refugees, when should we expect all the terrorism and other plagues to begin?

Ideally, we’ll be light on “hot takes” and heavier on explaining the reasons behind our opinions. But God help us, sometimes a heavy rant just gets you through the day.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

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